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Where does love go when you say it’s gone?

A woman wants to leave her husband. After many years of living together and being married, she is both determined and dismayed: how could it have come to this? As she plans her departure, she goes back a long way in her mind. There were the heady years of being in love, at university, as a couple abroad and later with the young children, but there was also the flip side – moments that became turning points and foreshadowed failure. But has something even failed if it takes so long? Julia Schoch, literary archaeologist of her life, uncovers what is often hidden in the everyday life of a couple: the patterns of love, the beauty even in disillusionment. A song of praise to love.

Julia Schoch, born in Bad Saarow in 1974, is regarded as a “virtuoso of memory storytelling” (FAZ) and has already received many prizes for her work. In 2022, she was awarded an honorary mention by the German Schiller Foundation for her literary oeuvre.

Foto: Sarina Chamatova

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