Joachim Schnerf

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You know it: Every year the family comes together on a holiday and every year there are the same discussions. Also at the Seder evening of Solomon’s family. Between the rituals, the exodus from Egypt and the search for the hidden Matze, the story is told, laughed, provoked and argued. The granddaughter appears in a Palestinian scarf, the daughter gets one of her screaming attacks… Solomon himself makes concentration camp jokes that no one but he, the survivor, appreciates.

But this year everything is different: Solomon’s wife Sarah is no longer alive. Their love and silent indulgence always kept the family together. How to preserve the memory of Sarah, of happiness, but also of the hard times?

In his second novel, Joachim Schnerf sensitively describes what it means to find family and life in the face of the loss and horror of the past.

Schnerf, born in Strasbourg in 1987, is a lecturer of international literature in Paris.

Language: Französisch / Deutsch

Translation: Karla Jauregui

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