Jens Söring

  • Return to life
  • My first year of freedom after 33 years in prison
  • Literature

Jens Söring on his fight back to life – after 33 years in US custody

For three decades, Jens Söring sat in U.S. custody under the harshest conditions, sentenced for the murder of his girlfriend’s parents. To this day, there are doubts about his guilt.
He was 19 when he went to prison, and has spent almost his entire adult life behind bars. What he experienced and survived there shaped Jens Söring forever. After being released on parole on December 17, 2019, he returns to Germany at the age of 53.

In his book, Söring vividly describes his first year of freedom, in which he experiences everyday things we take for granted for the first time, but is also repeatedly caught up in his memories of prison. How does a person manage to come to terms with all this? The stirring story of a man who has to live with his past and build a future for himself.

Jens Söring, born in Bangkok in 1966, was arrested in 1986 for the double murder of the parents of his then girlfriend Elizabeth Haysom and sentenced to two life terms in the USA in 1990. He himself maintains his innocence to this day. In December 2019, he was released on parole and deported to Germany.

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