Jens Rosteck

  • The Daring. Jeanne Moreau
  • Literature

The greatest freedom is to be yourself. ” (Jeanne Moreau)

Jeanne Moreau shaped the screen and international cinema of the 20th century like few other actresses of her era; Orson Welles revered her as an exceptional mimin.

Moreau shot with the great directors of the Nouvelle Vague and auteur cinema such as Louis Malle (her discoverer), François Truffaut, Luis Buñuel, Michelangelo Antonioni, R. W. Fassbinder and Wim Wenders. She was close friends with Marguerite Duras, the companion of Pierre Cardin and the lover of Peter Handke.

Jens Rosteck paints a fascinating, multifaceted portrait of this daring artist and performer who served as a role model for many women: emancipated, wise, abysmal, rebellious, majestic, and erotic in the extreme. The reading is complemented by photographs of Jeanne Moreau and musical recordings.


Postponed to June 18