Micha Jesske Smuk

  • Jazzclub Heidelberg at the DAI
  • Concert

Smuk takes you from “Hillary Step” to “Procrastinator” to “Wood” to “Arete”. With each composition it tells its own story. The colorful music evolves in the interplay of singable melodies and impressionistic harmonies. It also incorporates improvisational parts inspired by modern jazz. It is carried by a rhythmic mesh that comes across as complex and at the same time makes hips sway – or at least heads bob.

Justin Zitt – piano

Benedikt Jäckle – tenor saxophone
Gabriel Rosenbach – trumpet
Bjarne Sitzmann – guitar
Constantin Herzog – bass
Micha Jesske – drums

Box office only
Admission: 16 Euro (normal) or 14 Euro (reduced)
Ticket reservation under ticket@jazzclub-heidelberg.de