Jazzclub Heidelberg at the DAI

  • Mareike Wiening Quintet
  • Concert

The Band of the Year, nominated for the German Jazz Award 2022, will play for the first time at the Jazzclub Heidelberg. What can be experienced is a subtle, melodically joyful synthesis of the arts full of nuanced and varied sound poems, sometimes chamber music-like, sometimes playfully dancing in a waltz, then again gripping with grooving improvisations. The musical dialogue between soloist and accompaniment is another hallmark of the band, characterized by give-and-take, emotional response, and surprises that emerge from the moment.

Rich Perry – saxophone
Volker Engelberth – piano
Alex Goodman – guitar
Johannes Felscher – bass
Mareike Wiening – drums

Box office only
Admission: 14 Euro (normal) or 12 Euro (reduced)
Ticket reservation at ticket@jazzclub-heidelberg.de