Jazzclub Heidelberg at the DAI

  • Soulcrane + Matthew Halpin
  • Concert

Soulcrane convinces with an almost familiar personality and makes clear how haunting especially the quiet tones can be. Each instrument has equal rights and the four musicians from Cologne always know how to fill the large playing space with musical value. Together they appear quite naturally as a collective and radiate great harmony and inner peace. With “Soulcrane” Matthias Schwengler presents a sound body that brilliantly understands how to bring retro feeling and new approaches under one hat.
Matthew Halpin – Saxophone
Matthias Schwengler – trumpet
Reza Askari – bass
Philipp Brämswig – guitar

Admission: 14 Euro (normal) or 12 Euro (reduced)
Box office only
Ticket reservation under ticket@jazzclub-heidelberg.de