Jazzclub Heidelberg at the DAI

  • Kathrin Pechlof Trio
  • Concert

Our world is full of expectable events and processes, in the filter bubble the known is delivered. We want to invite you to walk a path with us that is not predefined, and to engage with the unknown, to surrender to us and to the course of the music.

“The longer the concert lasts, the more intensely the auditorium is touched by the music and the familiar atmosphere. Everyone in the hall moves closer together mentally and bends over this delicate music together and can almost hear the three playing it breathe.” A.Ost in Giessener Anzeiger

Kathrin Pechlof – harp
Christian Weidner – alto saxophone
Robert Landfermann – bass

Admission: 14 Euro (normal) or 12 Euro (reduced)
Box office only
Ticket reservation under ticket@jazzclub-heidelberg.de

Foto: Heidi Abt