How to talk to your teen

  • Social Activity

Informal discussion group led by Dr. Robin Goldstein, Developmental Psychologist and Psychotherapist.

Wondering what to say to your teenage child, feeling as if you can never say the right thing, asking yourself when is the right time to say what’s on your mind? Bring your thoughts, questions, and feelings to the Parents’ Academy at the DAI Library on Feb.20th, 5 pm, and time for some insight on your teen’s developing mind and changing emotional landscape. Ultimately this is an opportunity to learn about yourself.

Robin Goldstein moved to Germany from New York City where she had a private practice as a somatic/relational psychotherapist, speaker on topics of child development and as an instructor for continuing education training for professionals working with LGBTQI+ youth and their families around sexual orientation and gender identity.

New here? The library would like to support mothers who have just moved to Heidelberg. The purpose is to offer a place and space for mothers (and their children) to simply get together as well as learn and support one another in their new adventure.

Please register ahead of time.

Language: English

The program is free of charge. If you would like to attend on a regular basis, please become a member of the DAI Library.

Admission is free.