Ingrid J. Dautel

  • I am taking my life back
  • What moves war children, post-war children and war grandchildren
  • Literature

When war children, post-war children and war grandchildren talk to each other, not only do old conflicts and hidden hurts come to light, but also – often for the first time – deep understanding and new appreciation emerge.
Ich hol mir mein Leben zurück draws from the rich fund of more than 35 years in which the author has continuously led multigenerational self-awareness groups.

She condenses the most important themes that came up between the generations into touching examples of exchanges about individual experiences, values, and attitudes toward life. The new insights made possible by this unique form of communication will benefit all readers who have been shaped by the wartime and postwar periods and anyone interested in transgenerational issues. A deepening of the themes is found in reflections on resilience, epigenetics, and in the presentation of personal life stories.

Ingrid J. Dautel studied history and psychology; she works as a family therapist and mediator at hsi Heidelberg, and leads continuing education and multigenerational self-awareness groups.

In the series Local Monday.


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