Ingrid J. Dautel

  • I am taking my life back
  • What moves war children, post-war children and war grandchildren

Not only the children of war, but also the generations afterward were deeply shaped by the Second World War and the post-war period through a wide variety of experiences. Research on the burdens, but also on the resilience of these people is only now becoming possible.

Ingrid J. Dautel has been accompanying intergenerational self-awareness groups for decades. When war children, post-war children and war grandchildren talk to each other, not only do old conflicts and hidden hurts come to light, but also – often for the first time – there is deep understanding and new appreciation. An exchange about their own experiences, values and attitudes to life develops, which Ingrid Dautel presents in a condensed and very touching way. Reflections on resilience and epigenetics deepen the topics. The three-generation conversations on which the book is based are unique in the literature on war children.

Ingrid J. Dautel studied history and psychology; she works as a family therapist and mediator, and leads continuing education and multigenerational self-awareness groups. She works depth-psychologically and systemically and has been doing constellation work for many years.

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