Ines Geipel

  • Battleground. My brother, the East and the hate
  • Literature

Xenophobia and hatred of “the state”: are we losing East Germany?
Ines Geipel’s book seeks answers to the “why” of radicalization. It tells of the commandments of silence after the end of the Nazi era, the historical fragmentation of the GDR and the political paraphrases after German unity. Repression and denial shape society right into the private sphere, as the author impressively tells us with her own family history.

For six years Ines Geipel played top-class sport in the GDR. After studying German in Jena, she fled to West Germany in 1989 and studied philosophy and sociology in Darmstadt. In 2000 she was a joint plaintiff in the trial against the masterminds behind the GDR’s forced doping. Today, she is professor of verse language at the Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts in Berlin and a member of the Hannah Arendt Institute.