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Studies worldwide show a decline in learning motivation in early adolescence. For many young people this leads to poorer school performance and school fatigue.
The reason for this “motivation gap”: School and teaching have so far reacted too little to the strong cognitive and social-emotional changes in the adolescent phase – and to the great upheaval in the lives of young people, the digitalisation.

Anne Sliwka is Professor of School Pedagogy at the University of Heidelberg. She presents current research on learning in adolescence in a clear and practice-relevant manner. Using international school examples – also from successful countries such as Finland, Canada or Singapore – she shows how teacher-centred, instructive teaching and new forms of research-based and co-constructive learning can go hand in hand – so that school can once again bring joy to young people and teachers!

In the series Schule Neu Denken

In cooperation with the GEW Rhein-Neckar-Heidelberg

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