Hike & Think

  • Free will
  • Hike with lecture elements & conversation
  • In dialogue, Social Activity

The Philosophy Walks of the DAI Library combine significant philosophical topics with an extended walk in nature. In doing so, the embedding of the topic in our natural environment as well as our living world is always addressed.

Can humans decide freely or are their decisions and actions the result of impersonal cause-effect chains that run with natural law necessity and thus leave no room for freedom in the conventional sense? Or is the question wrongly posed because it presupposes a conception of free will that can neither be philosophically justified nor even found in our experience?

Dr. Max von Sponeck is a lecturer at the Philosophy Seminar as well as at the PH and a lecturer in ethics at the SRH. His scientific specialty is the contemporary philosophy of mind.

Carsten Dolbert is a geoscientist by training. He works as a project coordinator, trained as a systemic consultant and therapist, and has been active for many years as a volunteer in international disaster relief.

Duration: approx. 3 hours
Fee: 12 Euro (to be paid in advance)
Registration: Ingrid Stolz, ies@dai-heidelberg.de
After your registration you will receive a confirmation of participation with all details (meeting point, payment information etc.)
Language: German

Further date

  1. July – Ambiguity Tolerance


Please note: The event has been moved up from 06/25/2023 to Sunday, 06/18/2023.