Hike & Think

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  • Hike with lecture elements & discussion
  • In dialogue, Social Activity

The DAI Library’s Philosophy Walks combine important philosophical topics with an extended walk in nature.

“Time is what you read off the clock” – Albert Einstein put it so seemingly simply. Since the theory of relativity he founded, time cannot be separated from space. Since the Big Bang, there has been no time without space and no space without time. Instead, both terms form the space-time continuum. In addition to the height, width and depth of space, time is a further dimension which, together with these, forms an inseparable unit.

Dr. Max von Sponeck is a lecturer at the Philosophical Seminar and the PH and a lecturer in ethics at the SRH in Heidelberg. He specializes in the contemporary philosophy of mind.

Carsten Dolbert is a geoscientist by training. He works as a project coordinator, trained as a systemic counselor and therapist and has been a volunteer in international disaster relief for many years.

Language: German
Duration: approx. 3 hours
Contribution towards expenses: 12 euros (to be transferred in advance)
Registration: Ingrid Stolz, ies@dai-heidelberg.de

After your registration you will receive a confirmation of participation with all details (meeting point, payment information etc.)