Hervé Le Tellier

  • The Anomaly / L'Anomalie
  • Literature

The spectacular bestseller from France: a brilliant mix of thriller, comedy and great literature. In March 2021, a Boeing 787 flies through an electromagnetic hurricane on its way from Paris to New York. The turbulence is severe, but the landing is successful. However, in June, the same Boeing lands a second time with the same passengers. On the plane are the architect André and his lover Lucie, the contract killer Blake, the Nigerian Afro-pop singer Slimboy, the French writer Victor Miesel, an American actress. And now they all exist twice – in the anomaly of a world gone mad.

Highly comical and devilishly intelligent, the novel plays with our certainties and questions the limits of language, literature and life. Multifaceted, world-encompassing, a literary event.

Moderation and interpretation: Romy Ritte and Jürgen Ritte (translator of the novel).
Languages: German and French

In cooperation with the German-French Cultural Circle (dfk)

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