Henry Johannes Greten

  • Holistic is when you treat the dog as well
  • The healing of body, soul and meaning of life with the medicine of the two worlds
  • Lecture

Every medicine has limits. The Heidelberg Model of Chinese Medicine attempts to overcome these limits by combining Western and Asian medicine in a rational way. This creates a medicine from the best of the two worlds in a systematic and systems-biological, holistic approach to healing that harnesses the wisdom of the two continents for daily therapy.
In doing so, it claims to provide evidence-based, scientific integration of healing methods.

Henry Johannes Greten, MD, has been advocating a rational integration of Chinese medicine in Europe for decades and is considered the leading expert in acupuncture and TCM.
He taught for nearly 20 years as a professor in the legendary first medical master’s program in TCM at the University of Porto, in Rome, Santiago, China and North America. He published Ca. 130 professional articles in peer-reviewed journals, 25 textbooks, textbook chapters in Germany and the USA.
He is President of the German-Chinese Research Association, the German Society for Traditional Chinese Medicine and Director of the Heidelberg School of Chinese Medicine.

The event will take place at the DAI.
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Postponed to 07 March 2022

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