Heidi Kastner

  • Stupidity
  • The many forms of stupidity and how to recognize them
  • Lecture

What do such different things as “alternative facts,” deserted encounter zones in satellite settlements and cosmetic surgery as a Matura gift have in common? Are they all equally stupid?

Heidi Kastner ventures into the charged concept of stupidity and looks at measurable intelligence, “holy simplicity” and emotional intelligence. What drives people to bring misfortune to themselves and others by making “stupid” decisions? How can collective willingness to ignore be explained and why is this phenomenon apparently increasing so blatantly? And what on earth is so attractive about the concept of the leader who does our thinking for us, or the influencer who shows us the only true way?

Heidi Kastner is a specialist in psychiatry and neurology, a forensic psychiatrist and, since 2005, the chief physician of the forensic department of the Landesnervenklinik Linz.

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