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  • Heidelberg. Yearbook on the history of the city 24 (2020)
  • Literature

The Heidelberg Historical Society, founded in 1993, gives lectures under the title Heidelberg. Jahrbuch zur Geschichte der Stadt (Yearbook on the History of the City). Most recently, the 24th volume for 2020 was published in December 2019.

The volume contains essays, reports and reviews by a total of 31 authors and covers a wide range of topics from (almost) all epochs. Anti-Semitism is the main theme of this current issue. The yearbook is not publicly funded, but is financed by sales proceeds, advertisements, donations and membership fees. It is published by the Kurpfälzischen Verlag Heidelberg.

The volume and with it the working methods of the association are presented by the five board members Hans-Martin Mumm, Claudia Rink, Prof. Dr. Maike Rotzoll, Hansjoachim Räther and Dr. Martin Krauß.

Moderation: Petra Nellen, historian and member of the yearbook editorial staff

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Dear guests, due to the intensifying developments and the corresponding official orders of the city of Heidelberg in the context of the measures to contain the infection with the Corona virus, all events at the DAI Heidelberg from March 13 to May 17, 2020 inclusive, will be cancelled.