From Socrates to Hollywood

  • Raphael's School of Athens as Hall of Fame
  • Prof. Dr. Henry Keazor
  • Lecture

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Raphael’s The School of Athens is considered one of the central works of art of the Renaissance and thus one of the most important in the history of art. But how did the assembly of ancient philosophers achieve such popularity? Why was and is this image repeatedly discussed, interpreted and taken up – especially in popular culture?

For Henry Keazor, it is no coincidence that the artistic concept developed for this is still successful today and has made its way via France, England, Germany, through music videos and advertising all the way to Hollywood.

The art and cultural scholar Prof. Dr. Henry Keazor is Professor of Modern and Contemporary Art History at the University of Heidelberg and author of books such as Hitchcock and the Arts (2013) and Täuschend echt! A History of Art For gery (2015).


Free online event

Foto: KUM Universität Heidelberg

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