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Wilhelmsplatz Heidelberg

  • Theater Carnivore at the traveling stage festival
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The traveling stage is the archetype of theater – theater that moves toward the audience. The Heidelberg director and actor Florian Kaiser founded the traveling stage Carnivore in 2015. Masks and masquerades play a crucial role in the plays, allowing the strange and monstrous to appear in the familiar. The performances usually take place outdoors – and like a small circus, the ensemble brings everything it needs for the shows.

The International Touring Stage Festival in Heidelberg in September 2023 will feature touring stages from three countries. The artists from the Czech Republic, France and Germany will discuss traveling stages as free spaces for culture and shed light on their respective living and working conditions. And they ask: Is there a specific literature for the traveling stage?

In the series Local Monday

This time Local Monday will take place at Wilhelmsplatz!

Foto: Johannes Hoffmann

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