Expedition to Antarctica

  • Interactive lecture for the whole family
  • Program for children

As part of World Ocean Day, we are embarking on an expedition to the world of icebergs and penguins at the DAI. Marine biologist Dr. Annette Scheffer reports on her travels to Antarctica and invites children and their families to accompany her on a multimedia expedition to the Southern Ocean. Using pictures, films and field reports, Annette tells of her research and expedition stays on the icy continent and by ship, and provides active insights into penguin research, iceberg identification and expedition planning.

One Ocean,
One Climate,
One Future – Together

June 8 is the worldwide World Ocean Day. Together, we at DAI want to celebrate the world’s oceans today to draw attention to their uniqueness and call for their protection.

Annette Scheffer holds a PhD in marine biology and specializes in whales and penguins in her work. In addition to her research, she works as a whale watching guide as well as a consultant for international film and photography teams.

Admission is free.