Charlie Chaplin: Easy Street & A Dog’s Life

  • 19th International Festival for Silent Film and Live Music
  • Concert, Festival, Film

Light road

director: Charlie Chaplin, USA 1917, 24 min, short film, comedy

Musical accompaniment: David von Maydell (piano)

On Easy Street, in the middle of a run-down working-class neighbourhood, violence reigns. Desert brawls are the order of the day, the police have lost control. And the giant hooligan Eric is terrorising the street.

In this dreariness a missionary gives a new direction to the life of the homeless Charlie. He takes a job as a policeman, is sent to Easy Street and finally stands up to Eric…

A dog’s life

Directed by Charlie Chaplin, USA 1918, 33 Min, short film, comedy

With original music by Charlie Chaplin

A sleeping place behind a rickety site fence, the unsuccessful search for a job and the daily struggle for food – Charlie leads a dog’s life. His only friend and constant companion is the faithful promenade mix Scraps. And then there is Edna, the singer in the Green Lantern Bar, who smiles at him during the performance.

One day, Scraps digs up a full wallet – but the thieves they have hidden there are soon on Charlie’s heels.

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