Dmitry Kapitelman

  • The smile of my invisible father
  • Literature

Dmitrij Kapitelman came to Germany at the age of eight as a “contingency refugee”. At that time, the family lived in a home for asylum seekers in Saxony; Nazis could be recognized by their bald heads. Years later the father is as little at home in Germany as he was in the Ukraine. After Dmitrij has adopted his father’s Jewish surname at his father’s request, both travel to Israel – a search for identity. For everyone needs identity, he believes, even if only “to emancipate themselves from it”.

The conversation for the book, which will be published in 2016, also revolves around the language we use today to talk about Jewish issues, which all too often reflects Nazi concepts – whether due to political extremism or ignorance.

Kapitelman, born in Kiev in 1986, studied political science in Leipzig and graduated from the German School of Journalism in Munich. He is a freelance journalist and publishes music under the artist name Dheema.

In the series Thinking – Language – Mind