Truth and Deception

  • Making Democracies Fit for the Age of Disinformation
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The rapid development towards a world in which we are connected constantly and everywhere is only slowly being followed by the realization of how extensively we are now exposed to manipulation and propaganda in everyday life. Successful warfare has become less a question of military weapon systems than of strategic information distribution.

We need to do more than just check facts and destroy fake accounts to win the information war. We must make the information age tangible and promote media literacy so that citizens can free themselves from the role of passive consumers.

The second day of our disinformation conference will feature a series of lectures by US experts, alternating with interactive workshops in which representatives from the fields of technology, investigative journalism and EU policy will offer participants practical tools and spaces for discussion.

Nicco Mele (Harvard University)
Ian McCulloh (Johns Hopkins University)
Nina Jankowicz (The Wilson Center)

Andrew Denison (Transatlantic Networks)

Bret Schafer (The German Marshall Fund of the United States)
Jessikka Aro (Finnish Broadcasting Company)
Anneli Ahonen (East Stratcom Task Force, EEAS)

Language: English
Questions and discussion can also take place in German.


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