The most positive word in the English language

  • Dr. Steven Bloom

Norman Goldstein falls in love with a fellow student. She is black. But despite all objections he marries her. First as a mail sorter and later as a university professor, Goldstein is constantly getting drawn into politically incorrect debates; debates about parents and children, about sexuality and the various types of relationship which exist between men and women, debates about religion, terrorism, conspiracy theories.

Steven Bloom invokes all imaginable clichés in order to bring wider political questions, as well as private destinies, to the fore.

Steven Bloom was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1942 as the son of a polish Jew. Bloom worked as a broadcast journalist in the US and has been professor of American Studies at the University of Heidelberg for many years. He leads both the “Discussion Group” and the “Video Discussion Group” at the DAI.

Languages: English/German

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