Christine Hannemann

  • Cohesion needs spaces
  • Community thoughts in architecture and urban planning
  • Lecture

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Housing is more than just a roof over your head! Especially integration and cohesion need new spatial concepts in the current situation, which is characterized by crises and upheavals. According to the thesis, this can be achieved better with communal forms of living than with the isolated existence of a small family in a small, closed-off apartment. After all, which living concepts enable and promote encounters and joint activities? And which ones also take into account the individual needs of the people living together?

Christine Hannemann is a German sociologist and professor of architectural and housing sociology at the University of Stuttgart.

Karin Hauser is a research associate in the research project: “Cohesion Needs Spaces – Integrative Living”.

In the series Werde Mensch?
In cooperation with DGB and GEW


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