Charity concert for Ukraine

  • An event by musicians from Heidelberg and the surrounding area
  • Concert

Numerous musicians in Heidelberg and the surrounding area are taking a stand on the war in Ukraine.

A benefit concert at the DAI will feature cross-genre and cross-national performances by artists from classical music, jazz and other musical genres, some of whom come from Eastern Europe, Russia and Belarus. They are all united by the feeling of consternation and shame in the face of the inhuman aggression that we are all currently witnessing.

The musical quality is guaranteed by the prominent contributors, a cross-section of the current Heidelberg music scene will be presented, from teachers of various music schools to participants of the legendary “Cave Session”.

The main purpose of the event is to call for donations for the suffering Ukrainian population, which will be channelled to independent international aid organizations via the DAI. All participants perform free of charge, 100% of the proceeds go to the intended cause.

The event is supported by Jazz-Club Heidelberg – Vereinigung für improvisierte Musik e.V.

View the program here or download it as a PDF

Admission is free.