Caroline Fux

  • Does sex need counseling?
  • Or why the most natural thing in the world is not a no-brainer
  • Lecture

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In times when you can Google everything, do you really still need sex advice? Psychologist and sexologist Caroline Fux says: absolutely! She has been in charge of the advice section on “Sex, Love and Relationships” at the Swiss daily newspaper BLICK since 2012. In her talk, she gives an insight into her work and explains why sexual learning lasts a lifetime, why even 80-year-olds still have lovesickness and why taboos should never completely disappear from sexuality.

Zurich psychologist and author Caroline Fux is Switzerland’s best-known sex counselor. Together with others, she authored books such as Simply Happy (2015), Good Sex (2017) and The Couple Date (2018).

In the series Smart Sex?


Free online event

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