Caroline Callies

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Carolin Callies’ debut five senses & only one cutlery set was the lyrical event of the year 2015, even the literary critics agreed on that. In her new volume schatullen & bredouillen we read about “pappenstil & puppenspiel” and leaf through “atlas eines stelldicheins”. Numerous small localities are surveyed, populated, moved or deleted, be it (trap-)doors, cases, enclosures or sieves. Their poems are of today, fresh and bold.

Carolin Callies, born 1980, lives in Ladenburg. She publishes in journals and anthologies, translates poems (from French, Kurdish, Latvian and Spanish), is co-organiser of the poetry meeting “Teil der Bewegung” (“Part of the Movement”) at the Frankfurt and Leipzig book fairs and co-initiator of the Ladenburg Literature Days. In 2015 she was a finalist for the Clemens Brentano Prize, and in 2015 she received the Thaddäus Troll Prize. Furthermore, according to her website: “Two cats. A big wall of books. One man. One child.”

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