Carlotta Welding

  • Emotionally blind?
  • How we learn to feel and better understand our emotions
  • Lecture

The event will take place exclusively online in the free YouTube livestream. Questions and discussion contributions can be submitted in the live chat of the event or gladly in advance via email to
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How one is currently feeling can be indicated on Facebook and other social media channels with an appropriate feeling button. You indicate whether you are currently “happy”, “angry” or “down”. Feelings are on everyone’s lips, but many people hardly “feel” at all, if at all. They live detached from their feelings, don’t understand them, don’t feel them at all.
Without real feelings, no bond with other people is possible. Feelings anchor us in our own lives, drive our actions and deepen our lives.

The Berlin linguist and emotion researcher, Dr. Carlotta Welding, did her doctorate at the Cluster of Excellence at the FU Berlin and is an expert on emotions and repressed, forgotten, skipped, unlived feelings.


Free online event