Blues with C*

  • *the blues with corona
  • Rainer Horcher and Franz Maciejewski
  • Concert

The trigger and template for the word-sound project “Blues with C” was an essay by the Heidelberg writer Franz Maciejewski Melencolia 2020. About the blues of our days.

In the text, not only the current situation is illuminated, but also art- and culture-historical depths are drilled. The music corresponds to this: through-composed passages, which are also oriented towards new music, are mixed with jazzy improvisational parts; medieval poetry, e.g. from the famous collection Carmina Burana, is set for classical soprano and combined with jazz elements.

The Horch Art Ensemble, whose members come mainly from Villingen-Schwenningen and some of whom work as lecturers at the Music Academy there, specializes in word-sound projects. They were showered with praise in the press for their last project, “Blues for G” (“Blues für Gernhardt”).

Horch Art Ensemble
Josefin Hirte, narrator
Maria Martinez Gabaldon, soprano
Rainer Horcher, clarinet and composition
Dragan Djokic, accordion
Gerhard Kurz, double bass
Günther Saier, percussion

Introduction: Franz Maciejewski

Foto: Privat

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