Bernhard Schlink

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For the emeritus Prof. Dr. Bernhard Schlink, the German lawyer, best-selling author and election campaigner for the American Democrats, who lived in the USA for several months during the year, the reasons for Trump’s election were above all racism and sexism.
What other problems of internal renewal does President Joe Biden face today
in the face of hardened political fronts, a two-class society, bad schools, overburdened benefit systems and anti-democratic backwardness in the constitution?

In a conversation with Manfred Osten, Schlink’s suspicions about whether this is “the end of the West as we knew it” will be among the questions explored in light of the crumbling American democratic foundation.

What future does the West have in the face of growing populism, nationalism and Islamism in the face of the challenges posed by the economically and technologically rising but authoritarian world power China?

Moderation: Dr. jur. Manfred Osten


Postponed to 18 October

Foto: Hentschel