Barbara Yelin

  • Emmie Arbel. The color of memory
  • Literature

Born in The Hague in 1937, Emmie Arbel and her Jewish family were deported by the Nazis in 1942 and survived two concentration camps. When the war was over, she was eight years old and her parents and grandparents were murdered in the Holocaust.

Emmie Arbel now lives near Haifa. She repeatedly speaks as a contemporary witness in Germany. Her childhood and youth were marked by violence, abuse, speechlessness and loneliness – but she also looks back on a life full of rebellion, self-empowerment and humor. Based on personal encounters and intensive conversations with Emmie Arbel, Barbara Yelin creates haunting memoirs in the form of a graphic novel. Her aim is to break down established viewing habits and images of the Holocaust, especially for a younger readership – which is particularly important today, as only a few contemporary witnesses are still able to tell their stories.

Barbara Yelin is one of the best-known German comic artists. Her award-winning work includes graphic novels and web comics; as a reportage illustrator, she has already traveled to places such as New Delhi, Tel Aviv and Pristina.

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