Barbara Imgrund

  • Robber Ladder - A town is looking for a child
  • Literature

A little boy disappears in front of everyone. Nobody knows where he is. Nobody knows who he is. The whole town could look away, as it always does. But this time it doesn’t.

On this hot summer day, told in real-time simulation, a race against time begins. Support comes from all sides, not least from the town’s inhabitants, who – gripped by an unexpected group dynamic – drop the barbecue tongs to set off in search of a strange little boy.

Barbara Imgrund studied German and worked for many years as an editor. She has lived in Heidelberg since 2000 and is now self-employed as a literary translator and writer. Räuberleiter (2023) is her first crime novel.

In the series Local Monday

Foto: Sarina Chamatova

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