On an Equal Footing!

  • • How will we work together in the professional world of tomorrow?

The majority of people working in companies today, hope to take on more responsibility, interacting with colleagues and superiors on an “equal footing”. In reality, however, we often find that dominant characters and status greatly influence our behaviour in the workplace. How can a more “equal footing” be achieved in professional settings?

Examples of how we might ensure an “equal footing” are presented in the film project of the same name, “An Equal Footing”. We hope to discuss the challenges which are thematised in the film with guests and audience members.

Organiser: Markus Hänsel, Susanne Janeba, Ulrich Wiek

Mechthild Reinhard, managing director of SysTelios-Gesundheitszentrums, Siedelsbrunn
Kai Buntrock, commercial managing director of the SOWITEC group.
Dr. Michael Merz, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG, amongst other positions, Merz has held a senior position in the installation department for over 10 years.
Admission is free.

Language: German

Admission is free.