Annika Brockschmidt

  • America's God Warriors
  • How the Religious Right Endangers Democracy
  • Lecture

They reject everything state-run, propagate “white supremacy”, fight against abortion, advocate arch-conservative gender roles and believe they are at war with satanic powers: the Religious Right in the USA. For decades, this movement has been building up its nationwide infrastructure of organizations and media empires, and under the Trump administration, numerous of its representatives have been able to occupy positions in the White House and the courts.

Annika Brockschmidt traces the history of today’s Religious Right in the US from the 1960s to the present day and unfolds the spectrum of a multi-layered group that can now decide victory and defeat in presidential elections – and sets the tone in one of the country’s two major parties.
It exposes its political agenda and shows how historical revisionism, nationalism, authoritarianism, conspiracy thinking, apocalypse longing, and racism have shaped the Religious Right from the beginning. Its representatives have long since arrived at the center of power today. Trump’s defeat was not the end of the Religious Right in the US – any more than his presidency was its beginning.

Brockschmidt studied History, German Studies and War and Conflict Studies in Heidelberg, Durham and Potsdam. She is a freelance journalist and author, has worked for the ZDF Hauptstadtstudio and co-produced the podcast Science Pie, which received an award from the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft. She writes for the Tagesspiegel, ZEIT Online and ZEIT Geschichte, among others. She is also currently producing the podcast HistoPod for the Federal Agency for Civic Education.

Foto: Rolf Brockschmidt

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