Anna Mayr

  • The wretched
  • Why our society despises the unemployed and still needs them
  • Lecture

Anna Mayr used to be ashamed of her parents’ unemployment. Today she knows that our society needs the unemployed: At least as threatening images of misery, so that others are motivated to continue working. In Die Elenden, Mayr shows why we should rethink the history of work – as the history of the unemployed.

How will the view of unemployment develop in and after the pandemic? Has it even changed yet? And what might a society look like in which we no longer need “the miserable” to give meaning to our lives?

Anna Mayr studied geography and literature in Cologne and worked as a German teacher. Today she is an editor in the politics department of DIE ZEIT and lives in Berlin.

In cooperation with DGB Heidelberg Rhein-Neckar and GEW Rhein-Neckar.
In the series Werde Mensch!

The event will take place at the DAI Heidelberg and in parallel online in the free dai HOME Livestream on our YouTube channel. Click here to go directly to the livestream.

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