About Endlessness

  • 21st International Festival of Silent Film and Live Music
  • Musical accompaniment: SEDAA (traditional Mongolian music)

Director: Roy Andersson, Sweden 2019, 76 min.

About Endlessness tells a variety of small stories: A priest who has lost his faith is rudely kicked out the door by his doctor and his doctor’s receptionist because the doctor still wants to catch the bus. On a bus, a man cries while the passengers around him discuss whether it is permissible to give free rein to one’s feelings in public. A father has to tie his daughter’s shoes on the way to a child’s birthday party in the middle of a downpour. Young girls start a dance in front of a café. A defeated army marches despondently to a prison camp. Above the ruins of World War II-ravaged Cologne, a pair of lovers flies angelically through the air.

The surreal, essayistic film is a reflection on life in all its beauty and cruelty, on the vulnerability of our existence – true, absurd, macabre and dreamlike.

Foto: Neue Visionen Filmverleih

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