This Other World not Civilized

  • Sculpture, Calligraphy & Poetry
  • Stefan Hyner
  • Vernissage

This Other World not Civilized is a project that started in 2008 (La Alameda Press, Albuquerque, New Mexico) and consists of various works of art: sculptures, calligraphies, collages, and poetry, as well as translations and theoretical works in (art) history and criticism.

The past 500 some years made it quite obvious that the civilized world neglects more than half of human nature, that is the spiritual as much as the empathetic realities.

Slowly the human animal begins to understand that human nature has a lot more in common with animal-people (many human tribes being part of those), plant-people, sky- and earth-people than s/he was made to believe; that indeed humans belong to this other world not civilized.

Stefan Hyner, a „professional dilettante“ (Nanao Sakaki), grew up in Schwetzingen. After an apprenticeship as cabinet-maker he studied Sinology and Art History at the Universities of Heidelberg and Taipei. His work, both literary and visual, has been widely publicized in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Die Ausstellung läuft bis zum 21. Dezember.

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