Theater of Learning

DAI - Großer Saal

  • William Parks
  • Words can hurt, words can heal
  • Workshop

Words are powerful. The words we choose show the kind of power we seek ? power over others or power shared with them. The Theater of Learning provides a framework for observing and learning from the language we use. By presenting scenes of your choice, you can literally see, hear, and feel the effect of words. By discussing this afterwards, you learn through your own experience, making you better able to decide on the language you use in the future ? language that tears down relationships or builds them up stronger.

Come to the Theater if you want to learn in a constructive, even playful manner, in small groups and in a supportive environment. Our work together will be in English. No acting experience needed.

William Parks, M.A. : teacher, trainer, and coach for over 20 years, native of Portland, Oregon, and long-time resident of Heidelberg.

40 Euros (25 Euros for students)
Register at the DAI in advance: