Discussion Group: Why do people sometimes behave self-destructively?

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Once a week the general public is invited to participate in our English-language discussion group. Discussions are led by Dr. Steven Bloom and are well known for being both informative and entertaining. He is a well-known author and longtime lecturer at Heidelberg University and has been leading the DAI Discussion Groups since 1980.
If you’d like to participate on a regular basis, please become a member of the DAI Circle of Friends.

Contact: library@dai-heidelberg.de, 06221.6073-15

Every Tuesday, 18:00 hrs
Language: English



January 22
Why do people sometimes behave self-destructively?

January 29
Are our politicians doing the job they are supposed to do?

February 05
Is there a “healthy” way to think about death?

February 12
Our traditional St. Valentine’s Day question – What is love?

February 19
Why do people feel empathy? Why don’t they feel it?

February 26
Is marriage becoming more difficult?

March 05
Has modern technology changed our way of thinking? (despite the holidays)

March 12
Is it possible to correctly interpret our dreams?

March 19
How much responsibility does a person have for the welfare of others?

March 26
Do animals actually have any rights?

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